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May 27 , 2022

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How To Judge The LED Light Source Quality Of Solar Street Light?

With the increasingly prominent global environmental problems, the world pays more attentions to clean energy such as solar energy. Therefore, the solar street light market has a bright future, and a large number of entrepreneurs immediately swarm in. As the tide of solar energy surges, the role of solar street light is emerging. LED light source is now applied to outdoor lighting on a large scale, so that the performance of solar street lights is greatly improved, followed by the improvement of conversion efficiency of solar panels and solar inverters. These changes make solar street light become green products in a real sense. From the beginning, they cost no electricity and are easy to install and maintain, solar street light have completed a significant transformation.

Since LED light source is an important part of solar street light, it is necessary for us to learn to how to judge the LED light source quality of solar street light. In this article, we will discuss the three factors that affect the LED light source quality.

The shape of the LED light source projects

The shape of the LED light source projected on the plane is the primary criterion for judging the quality of lighting. High-quality solar street lights perform well in optical processing. It generally adopts the secondary light distribution method - there are two reflective cups, one is for the entire light distribution, and the other one has anti-dazzle function, which can make the light spot even and round,. The central light intensity is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary LED light sources.

The light spot it presents should gradually blur from the inside to the outside, the peripheral light diffuses naturally, the secondary light spot is well weakened, the transition is very uniform, it makes people feel very soft and comfortable, and there are no stray shadows and black spots.

For LED light sources with uneven light distribution, the quality is not high. This kind of light source will have obvious dark spots and dark areas. Obviously, the lighting effect will not be ideal, and the human eyes will be very uncomfortable.


Dazzle not only makes human eyes uncomfortable, but also reduces the visibility of objects and causes danger. Generally speaking, the higher the brightness of the light source, the more obvious the dazzle; the closer the light source is to the line of sight, the more obvious the dazzle, the larger the apparent area, the more the number of light sources, the more obvious the dazzle.

So how to avoid such a situation? Generally speaking, we will adopt a scientific secondary light distribution design. Secondly, the reflective cup must not adopt a mirror design. A new type of nano-coating technology can strengthen its anti-dazzle function. The lampshade should also adopts anti-dazzle design. When purchase the solar street light, you should pay attention to the design of these details so that you can guarantee the quality of LED light source of solar street light.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of the light source should also be taken into consideration. It is not suitable for the color temperature to be too low or too high. If the color temperature is too low, it will present a warm tone. Although it will give people more warmth in appearance, such a lighting effect will make people sleepy, which is very dangerous for drivers who need to stay awake at all times.

However, if the color temperature is too high, the light will be too white. For the place where the light is illuminated, the color reproduction will not be so realistic, which will bring visual discomfort, and it may give people a sense of tension and depression, which will bring negative emotions to the driver.

It is suitable to choose neutral light close to natural light, which can restore the original color of the object and make people feel comfortable.

In conclusion, we should be more careful and learn more before we purchase the solar street light.

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