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Dec 17 , 2021

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The Core Advantages of Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are getting more popular these years. It is a dependable source of lighting the streets all over the world. Solar street lights work by using solar power, storage battery and the solar charge controller. It controls the charging and discharging of the battery. The control methods are divided into two types: light control and time control. When the sun shines on the surface of the solar cell, the electric energy generated by the solar cell charges the battery through the controller; at night, the ray of light gradually weakens, and the working voltage and working current of the solar cell continue to decrease. When the working voltage is lower than the set voltage of the controller, the controller will start the load. Then the solar street light will turn on. When it reaches the setting time or the ray of light is too strong, the controller will automatically turn off the load and the solar battery starts to charge. This process will circulate constantly.
Today's solar street lights are high-tech. Solar street lights are controlled by intelligent solar charge controllers, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the lights according to the natural brightness in one day and the brightness people need in various environments. At present, the production technology of most of solar cell modules can ensure that the performance of solar street lights will not decline for more than 10 years; solar cell modules can generate electricity for 25 years or longer.
The maintenance cost of solar street lights is low. In remote areas which are far away from cities and towns, the maintenance or repair of conventional power generation, power transmission, street lights and other equipment is very expensive, while solar street lights only require periodic inspections, and their maintenance costs are less than conventional power generation systems.
Compared with conventional street lights, solar street lights are safer, because they are ultra-low voltage products. Solar street lights use low voltage, the power generation effect is stable, there is no need to consider the hidden dangers such as electric shock or fire, and there is no need to consider the problem of circuit design, as long as it is installed as required.
Solar energy, the energy source of solar street lights, is a kind of renewable and environmentally-friendly energy. It is endless and does not pollute and radiate the environment. Solar street lights use no fuel to operate and work purely on solar energy. Solar energy is unlimited and imperishable and is the perfect green lighting solution. Non-renewable energy sources like coal, gas, oil, etc. can eventually run out. People are becoming conscious about the fact that the use of solar lights helps in reducing the carbon footprints of individuals, homes and businesses.
If solar street lights are used in residential quarters, it can reduce property costs and also reduce the cost of owners. Moreover, solar street lights are easy to maintain and do not require electricity, so it is more cost-effective than conventional street lights. Solar street lights only need to be invested once. Generally, the investment cost can be recovered in two to three years and users can obtain the profits.
Solar lighting technology has evolved over the years. Researchers and scientists are still working towards making the solar panels more effective. In the future years, solar panels costs are expected to be less expensive. There is a variety of solar street lights available now with different sizes, types, features, etc. and are aesthetically designed to suit users’ functional needs.