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Feb 18 , 2022

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The Role of Spray Street Lamp

The spray street lamp consists of the following parts: water storage tank, filter, high pressure plunger pump, high pressure spray pipeline, atomizing nozzle, electric control box, street lamp pole. The spray street lamps are arranged and designed according to the position of the water intake point, and the number of nozzles is set according to the road traffic and the shape of the street lights.
Operators control the power supply facilities through the Internet of Things. The spray facilities will turn on when the air humidity is below 60% RH and above 70% RH and when the wind speed is high to accelerate the pressure drop of particle concentration. In addition to retaining the current opening and closing mode, research and develop the index control link, set the upper and lower limits of the PM value, automatically open and close the purification facilities according to the monitoring data of PM2.5 and PM10. Adjust the spray strategy of street lamps from time to time to form a 24-hour cycle of dust reduction, and gradually realize the transformation from the traditional artificial dust reduction mode represented by mobile fog cannons to intelligent dust reduction.
The spray system of the spray street lamp is different from the conventional spray system. The street lamp spray system uses high-pressure fine atomizing nozzles to spray. The water mist is delicate, the diameter of the mist particles is between 1 to 15 microns, the water mist is suspended in the air, and is scattered with the wind by the air flow. Because the water mist is delicate, it quickly evaporates and vaporizes after absorbing heat, and most of the water mist has been vaporized before landing. Therefore, these water mists will not wet the clothes of pedestrians. At the same time, the evaporation of the water mist increases the air humidity, which makes the air resuspended particles agglomerate into clusters and fall. Continuous spraying makes the dust micelle not breaking down again due to air drying.
The street light pole spray system equipment adopts an industrial-grade integrated high-pressure plunger pump, that is, a direct-connected pump system, which maintains sufficient concentricity, and has high dynamic balance and reliability. The flow of water supplied by the pump station system is strictly proportional to the speed of the pump, and the control system can adjust the flow of the supplied water through the speed of the motor or the control valve.
Based on this feature, the street lamp pole spray system equipment can adjust the output of water mist at any time according to changes of the environment, and maintain the constant pressure output of the system, so the system is quite reliable and stable. The appearance of the main engine adopts industrialized design, which is elegant and beautiful. The high-pressure pump station adopts industrial ceramic high-pressure plunger pump, and a multi-circuit electrical protection system is set inside, which can monitor the system status of the pump station and realize automatic protection and shutdown alarm for water shortage.
The spray street lamp saves water. If there are 10 spray lamp poles, after 1 hour of continuous operation, the spray water consumption is about 2.4 tons, and the power consumption is about 5 degrees, which can spray dust for a 200-meter long road. The spray street lamp uses municipal water as the water source, and then uses the water purification filter to filter impurities larger than 1 micron in diameter. It ensures the cleanliness of the water mist; and the diameter of the micro-mist water mist is all within 30 microns, and it floats from the height of the street lamp with a fast evaporation speed, which has little impact on pedestrians. The micro-fog dust suppression equipment integrates air quality linkage monitoring and automatically opens the operation mode, saving operation and maintenance costs.
The spray street lamp has unique advantages, protects and purifies the environment and saves energy, which has a broad development prospect.