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Jun 17 , 2022

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Road Smart IoT Intelligent Solar Street Lighting System Introduction

The solar street light intelligent monitoring and control system developed and designed by Road Smart is a system for monitoring various working environments of solar street lights, and controlling and adjusting solar street lights’ working status according to lighting demand.
This system effectively extends the service life of solar street light and efficiently uses solar power to achieve the best lighting effect through the combination of core technologies.
Road Smart IoT intelligent solar street lighting system is mainly used in urban/countryside main roads or secondary main road lighting. The following are the features and advantages of this system.
1. The Internet of Things remote control technology can realize remote monitoring, read and write solar street light parameters, timely manage the various states of the solar street light, and facilitate after-sales service. The management platform connects solar street lights through communication technology, which shows the light status and parameter settings, and at the same time adjust the brightness and working mode of the lights to realize human-computer intelligent interaction.
2. Adds intelligent cameras to realize high-definition security monitoring.
3. The built-in maximum power tracking algorithm can quickly and accurately track the best operating point of the IV curve. The MPPT tracking efficiency can reach up to 99.9%, which can significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, which is 15%~30% higher than the traditional PWM charging efficiency.
When there is something covering the solar panel such as dust, tree shadows and bird droppings or part of the panel is damaged, the IV curve will have multiple peaks. However, the traditional single-peak MPPT algorithm cannot track accurately the maximum power point. Road Smart controller adopts multi-peak tracking technology, which can still accurately track the maximum power point and improve the conversion efficiency of solar panels.
4. Intelligent Charge and Discharge Management Technology
Road Smart selects and uses A-grade lithium iron phosphate battery which has a stable electrochemical performance and excellent safety performance. The charge and discharge cycle are more than 2,000 times.
At the same time, it adopts Road Smart's original intelligent balance and intelligent dual (software and hardware) protection technology. After 2000 cycles of charging and discharging, the battery capacity remains at 90%, which makes the battery more stable and extends the service life. It is 4 times longer than that of lead-acid batteries.
5. Intelligent Efficiency Control 5.0 Technology
Based on AI, DL for chip and first-line data that are collected, sorted and analyzed in the past 10 years, Road Smart researches and develops highly precise and refined 5.0 version intelligent efficiency control technology. AI could intelligently judge the recent weather conditions, and then reasonably plan the discharge efficiency which make the solar light works longer in the cloudy and rainy days.
6. Intelligent Temperature Control Technology
Road Smart independently researches and develops the intelligent temperature control technology and adds temperature protection function to the battery and controller, which automatically adjusts the charging and discharging parameters to avoid high and low temperature damage to the battery. In the regions that are too hot or too cold, this technology can significantly extend the service life of storage battery.