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Oct 29 , 2021

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LED Solar Street Light Installation

As one kind of green energy resources, solar energy has been one of the major energy resources that are used in this century. LED solar street lights have entered the field of urban lighting. Driven by DC and low voltage, LED light source has the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, nanosecond response speed. Compared with traditional light sources, LED is environmentally-friendly and has dimming function,  which is considered to be a new generation of green lighting equipment.

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LED solar street lights convert solar energy into electricity by solar panels during the day, and then store the electricity in the storage battery through the solar charge controller when night comes. When the intelligent controller detects that the illuminance is reduced, it will control the storage battery to provide power to the light source load, so that the light source will automatically turn on when it is dark. The intelligent controller protects the charge and discharge of the battery, and controls the opening and lighting time of the light source.
Actually, the installation of solar street light is simple and convenient. Excavate a standard foundation pit at the position where put the light pole. The poured concrete of the foundation pit should be able to carry 1.5 times the weight of the light pole, and the light pole should be placed in a ground cage with embedded parts. The embedded part is supposed to be placed in the center of the square hole. One end of the PVC pipe should be placed in the middle of the embedded part, and the other end should be placed in the storage area of the battery. The foundation and the original ground are kept at the same level, and one side must be parallel to the road; this can ensure that the light pole is upright and the rear end is vertical without being skewed. Then it is poured and fixed with concrete. After the construction, clean up the remaining mud on the positioning plate, and use waste oil to clean up the impurities on the bolts.

The problems that may arise after installation

Most solar street light controllers are installed in lampshades and battery boxes where the water generally will not enter. However, in actual project cases, some controllers are improperly installed or the circuit boards are not treated with three-proof paint, therefore, the rainwater will flow into the solar street light controller along the external wiring of the controller terminal and then cause a short circuit.
Among the many practical applications of solar street lights, solar street lights in many places can not meet the normal lighting demands, especially in continuous rainy days and winter days without sufficient light. In addition to the use of poor quality related components, there is another main reason of this phenomenon. That is, the installers blindly reduce the cost of components and do not design in accordance with customer’s requirements. They may also reduce the standards of solar panels and storage batteries, so that the solar street lights cannot provide lighting on cloudy days and rainy days.