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Sep 11 , 2020

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New technology products of solar street lights are on the market!

In the case of fiercer competition in the solar street light industry, most solar street light suppliers and manufacturers are thinking about how to lower the configuration or the quality, trying to seize the market with a lower price. However, Road Smart decided to go against all odds and still put a lot of resources into developing better-performing technology and qualified solar street lights.

To truly become a leader in the photovoltaic lighting industry, Road Smart knows that technological innovation is the first driving force for the development of enterprises and the industry. Since Road Smart was founded, it has been adhering to the geek spirit to actively research and innovate. At the same time, we cooperate with many first-class universities and supply chain partners to conduct R&D in optical, energy storage, structure, materials, control technology and other technical fields, continuously gather superior technical strength, implement products innovation boldly and persistently to meet the potential needs of users and promote the healthy development of the industry towards standardization and intelligence.

double sided power generation

Today, Road Smart officially released new application technology: single string MPPT technology with double-sided solar panel application.

Friends who are familiar with Road Smart should all understand the single-string MPPT technology, but what is a double-sided solar panel? Well, unlike conventional photovoltaic panels that do not transmit light on the back, the back of the double-sided panel is encapsulated with a transparent material (glass or transparent backplane). In addition to the normal power generation on the front, the back can also receive scattered and reflected sunlight to generate electricity, which is equivalent to increasing the light-receiving area of solar panel, thereby increasing the power generation, so it has a higher overall power generation efficiency.

Based on characteristics of the double-sided solar panel, Road Smart optimizes the charging and discharging management algorithm and MPPT control algorithm, to make sure the maximum of power generation efficiency. After continuous tests and data collection, it is found that under the premise of using the latest Road Smart control system, the charging efficiency of the double-sided solar panel with the same size is about 20% higher than that of the ordinary solar panel (compared with the single-sided solar panel under the traditional PWM control system, the power generation efficiency of the double-sided solar panel is increased by about 35%-40%), this technology has reached the industry-leading level.

double sided power generation

In addition to the high power generation efficiency brought by the double-sided solar panel , there are other advantages that indirectly increase the power generation efficiency: 1. The panel of solar street lamp is installed higher than the ground, with larger space and reflective surface, which is very suitable for double-sided solar panels; 2. It has a service life of up to 25 years and a lower annual attenuation rate (the annual attenuation rate of double-sided solar panels is about 0.5%, but the annual attenuation rate of conventional solar panels is about 0.7%), so during the life cycle, the power generation will be further increased; 3. The adapters of Road Smart solar street lights are all smooth and cold gray. From a scientific point of view, the reflected light is more and the power generation efficiency will be higher.

Therefore, with the new technology, it effectively solves the problem of insufficient power generation under adverse conditions such as long cloudy and rainy days, dust coverage, snow coverage, etc, and provides longer lighting time for places with poor lighting conditions. ( It should be noted that on snowy days, the ground is white, the reflection effect is stronger, so the power generation capacity of double-sided solar panel is better). On the other hand, the new technology also provides more advanced control technology and power generation capabilities for high-power main-road solar lighting, and the economic benefits are further highlighted.

Road Smart company always regards innovation as the original core of the company's development and insists on technological innovation, management innovation and cultural innovation. We also would like to appeal: in the unhealthy market environment that blindly pursues low prices regardless of product quality, the solar lighting industry is gradually showing the phenomenon of "bad money driving out good". We hope more manufacturers and customers participate, stick to the bottom line, focus on the improvement of product quality and performance, so that the photovoltaic lighting industry can develop healthily and stably.

double sided power generation