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  • Solar Sailing Light - II

    Solar panel as the sail, lamp body as the boat

    May you have favorable winds in your sails

     Easy to transport, install and maintain

     Solar Panel can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction

     6 work modes for choice

     Embedded single string control technology. More stable and longer lifespan

     Protect battery by software and hardware, supporting battery charge at 0v

  • Solar Street Light HS

    POWER: 100W to 130W; LiFePO4 Battery 1920WH; MPPT smart control system

     It will intelligently detect recent weather conditions, reasonably plan the discharge power to achieve more rainy days.

     Using Grade A LiFePO4 battery with excellent safety performance.

     The single-string 3.2V MPPT technology reduces the probability of battery problems by 75% than that of multi-string 12V technology

     ITC Technology (Intelligent Temperature Control)

     Upgrated lighting angle 150*70°

     Road Smart system have mode memory storage function to realize one-time operation and permanent preservation.

  • Solar Sailing Light Ⅲ

    Solar panel as the sail, lamp body as the boat May you have favorable winds in your sails

     180LM/W high light efficiency, 140pcs 3030 led chip

     50W 9000lm, 60W 10800lm, suitable for 8-10m height

     MPPT charge controller

     LiFePO4 battery 2000 times cycle

     Upgrated lighting angle 150*70°

     Solar panel angle adjustable, integrated design

  • Solar Street Light (Y series)

    High cost-effective products

      Aluminum light body, zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.

      Large quantity of LED chip 80pcs make light efficiency of whole lamp reach 160lm/w.

      5pcs of indicator lights show battery capacity easily anytime.

      IP65 waterproof, 3 years warranty.

      Semi-integrated solar street light system, easy to replace the existing split solar street light system by lamp part only, saving a lot of cost.

  • Solar Flyhorse Light

    Brighter, longer and more uniform.

     Brighter, longer and more uniform.

     Compact integrated solar street light.

     “Flyhorse” shape cover, a new star in the solar street light market. Mono solar panel with high efficiency 22%

     LiFePO4 battery with 2000 cycles, long lifetime at least 10years

      Using MPPT technology, the conversion efficiency of solar system can be fully increased, effectively shorten the 20% charge time.

     Smart remote controller with 4 working modes meet diiferent requirements.

      Motion sensor for choice to save more power if needed