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  • Energy Storage EOT Series

    Technical Parameter Classic Working Mode Application

     PV and AC hybrid charging , fast charging speed, canfully charge the battery within 1 hour.

     Pure Sine Wave Output , Stronger carrying capacity , can connect morehousehold loads.

     Equipped with automatic and manual power switching function.manual switching can provide a maximum power of 5000W

     Low Noise Design , Provides users with a quieter user experience.

     The bottom wheel design makes movement more convenient and easy.

  • Energy Storage SunPro Series

    Technical Parameter

     LiFePO4 battery pack

     Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance

     Parallelable for up to 4 battery packs

     Pre-wired and factory tested for quick installation

  • Energy Storage RS-EOH

    Technical Parameter Classic Working Mode Application

     The battery capacity can be expanded, and the power of the product can also be expanded, up to 20kW

     The intelligent management and operation and maintenance of PC or APP make it more convenient and worry-free for you to use.

     MPPT efficiency can reach up to 99.9%, which significantly improves photovoltaic utilization efficiency.

     Intelligent BMS management, intelligently manage and maintain each battery unit to ensure the system operated safely and reliably.

  • Energy Storage RS-EOS

    Technical Parameter Classic Working Mode Application

     Monitor and control energy in real-time

     Temperature sensing control, maximizing battery life + safety

      Real-time monitoring of battery compartment temperature to achieve intelligent temperature compensation.

     Utility Power or photovoltaic both can activate the battery, which is more effective to help the normal operation of the electricity.

  • Energy Storage RS-EOV48 Series

    Technical Parameter Classic Working Mode Application

     Photovoltaic system home energy storage off-grid system

     Expandable modular design, increase storage capacity at any time

     Multiple working modes on input and out put, do whatever you want, switch with one key

     Dual protection technology of charge and discharge software and hardware, cycle charging more than 6000 times.